The Creative Process of Remodeling

Over time, golf courses, like other heavily-impacted recreational landscapes, require alterations to maintain their integrity. Asking the right questions and understanding the process of a remodeling program can only be acquired by experience. Mike Poellot and his design team provide the hands-on, close working relationship with each client supported by the design creativity and technical experience required to facilitate a successful renovation project.

Mike is typically asked to inspect the existing course layout, meet with representatives of the course and to advise on the practicality and cost-effectiveness of a remodeling program. Once the decision to proceed is reached, we are then asked to prepare the remodeling plans and to provide site construction observation throughout the construction process.

Los Altos Golf & Country Club
Los Altos, CA

1.) Our remodeling process involves photographing and then analyzing the existing course layout, hole by hole.

2.) Then we present our re-design concepts and recommendations to the members for review and comment. Our ultimate objective is to retain the historical integrity of the existing course while addressing playability, aesthetic and technical issues.